Terms and conditions

Agreement electric bike rental

Art. 1. Subject of the lease.

1.1. Lessee takes leased by the Lessor, to conditions and obligations specified in this contract
1.2. The electric bike rented to the Renter is fully equipped for use only in accordance with the Rules of the Road.
1.3. The bike can accomplish, with the battery supplied, different distances based on the transported weight and incline of the path.
1.4. The Lessee declares to be aware, for all purposes of law, that the minimum age for the use of electric bikes is 16 years old and that people between 16 and 18 require the authorization of the parent and/or the legal guardian.

Art. 2. Obligations on the part of the Lessee.

2.1. The Tenant acknowledges and agrees rental prices in art. 5, as well as the payment terms specified therein.
2.2 The Lessee, by renting a bicycle, declares to be aware that cycling requires physical fitness and technical expertise of those who wish to lead it and declares, for all purposes of law, that it is equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate expertise without placing any reservations, exonerating the Lessor from any liability.
2.3. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that the bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transportation and it is compulsory to use it in compliance with legal requirements, with care, common sense and diligence, in order to avoid damage to both the bikes and their accessories.
2.4. The Lessee is required to observe the rules of the road, such as, but without limitation, the Road Traffic Act and the Ordinance on the rules of road traffic, of which non-compliance is hereby declares solely responsible.
2.5. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that it is therefore forbidden to use the bycicle illegally or for other purposes not covered by the contract and/or make it available to third parties: the use of bicycles as part of competitions or races in particular is forbidden in any situation.
2.6. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that the Lessor shall not be required any form of compensation.
2.7. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that it is prohibited to use the bicycle to carry out business activities and it is impossible to sell it in use to other parties, nor rent it in any form to third parties.
2.8. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that he is responsible for the electric bicycle until its return to the Lessor.
2.9. The Parties agree, in case of lost keys or bicycle accessories or in case of damage, the landlord will require the Tenant the amount required to restore the original bicycle, on the basis of the delivered price list at the time of signing.
2.10. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that he will pay any fines or damages caused by third parties.

Art. 3. Insurance.

3.1. Except as provided in this Article, the Tenant acknowledges and agrees that during the rental it does not enjoy any form of insurance, and that the electric bicycle is not covered by RCA insurance.

Art. 4. Lessor’s rights

4.1. The Lessor provides the bicycle in good conditions, that will be evaluated at the time of delivery and at the end of the rental.
4.2. The landlord may carry out checks during the rental of the bicycles and he can request repayment if he sees an improper use of the vehicle covered by the charter.
4.3. The landlord may refuse to rent to people in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs (in accordance with articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) and for other reasons at the discretion of the landlord himself.
4.4. The Lessor declines any form of liability in case of improper use of the bikes rented, of non-compliance with the rules of the Highway Code and / or otherwise in case of illegal use of the bicycle.

Art. 5. Rental fee and additional services.

5.1. The payment of the rental fee is prepaid and must be paid by the Lessee at the time of the rental, except as shall at the time of delivery for possible charges for damages, total or partial theft.
5.2. You can delete your reservation in 48 hours. After 48 hours from the reservation, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Art. 6. Damage – Waiver.

6.1. The bike and ‘equipped with anti-theft lock to use always: Lessee and’ still be responsible for the theft of the rented bicycle.
6.2. Parties quantify the contract is concluded the damage to be in case of theft of the same.
6.3. At the time of signing of this contract is required, in addition to the canon of art. 5, a deposit for each bicycle rented to cover any damages assessed to the rented transport, eventually recorded the delivery of media.
6.4. The Parties agree from the outset that the Lessee liable for any damage to the bodywork as estimated by the Lessor, undertaking right now to pay the sum that will be on that basis required by the landlord.

Art. 7. Supervision of the status of the bicycle.

7.1. Upon withdrawal of the bicycle, the Lessee is required to check the status of the bicycle, in particular, any damage or defects, and, in particular, the operation of brakes, lights and tire pressure.
7.2. Defects and / or observed damage must be reported to the Lessor before departure.
7.3. It is understood that in addition to checking for any defects and / or damage, is also controlled by the Lessee the battery charge status, given that the landlord can not ensure that the battery charge is sufficient for the way that the Tenant intends to go.

Art. 8. Drop-cycling.

8.1. The bicycle must be returned, in accordance with the agreed timetable, the same place where it was rented, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.
8.2. Cycling is considered returned only if returned directly to the landlord: in particular, can not be considered to return the car park of electric bicycle outside of the rental point during the closing time.
8.3. Failure to return the bike without prior notice or not motivated by exceptional circumstances, be regarded as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.
8.4. Lessee may request the Lessor an intervention for the withdrawal of the bicycle, the cost of which is indicated in the price but it is agreed from the outset that the landlord is not required intervention, so the failure to act can not be the cause of failure.
8.5. In case of theft of electric bicycle, the Lessee must submit to the Lessor a copy of the report made to the competent organs and pay the amount equal to the value of the bicycle object of theft (see. Art. 6), that in the event of the detection or recovery of the vehicle itself, will be returned in proportion to the value of the bicycle in such a moment, and then according to the damage and / or defects which it might suffer.

Art. 9. Lessor’s liability.

9.1. The landlord takes no responsibility and disclaims any charge for damages suffered by the Renter as a result of performance of this contract, unless the landlord has not acted intentionally or with gross negligence.
9.2. It specifically excludes liability of the Lessor for any indirect, secondary, third parties and loss of profits.

Art. 10. Lessee’s liability.

10.1. Lessee principally a response in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and a subsidiary in accordance with the legal provisions in case damage or subtract the bicycle, does not observe correctly the rental provisions or breach of its obligations under this contract.
10.2. The Renter’s responsibility also includes the costs of secondary damage such as costs surveying, repair or loss of use.

Art. 11. Exclusive jurisdiction.

11.1. Any dispute arising between the parties the exclusive jurisdiction is to Bergamo.

Art. 12. Governing Law.

12.1. For the interpretation and application of the contractual relationship is applicable Italian law.
12.2. Although not mentioned in this regulation the relationship between the Parties is governed by the Civil Code rules.

Art. 13. Final Statement.

13.1. The Tenant agrees not to provide false information on personal details, your age, your address and the existence of the legal requirements for the entitlement to drive, expressly exonerates the Lessor from any damaging consequences that may arise therefrom as case of false statements
13.2. Lessee declares, pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 38 and 47 of DPR 28.12.2000 n. 445, to be aware of possible criminal consequences provided for in case of false declarations of artt.75 and 76 of the same Decree.

Authorization Policy

The Tenant has been informed that, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/03 and subsequent amendments the data provided by the Customer may be processed in accordance with that legislation. Data controller, within the meaning of the Privacy Code, is the company bikeme Leonardo Guerra Via Quarenghi 9, Bergamo PI 04,102,340,165. These data will be used for economic purposes of bikeme Leonardo Guerra company. The data can also be used by companies bikeme Leonardo War in order to allow competent authorities to forward complaints to the customer responsible for violations of the Highway Code or any other provision of law. The data will be processed using instruments that guarantee the security and confidentiality of the same and will be carried out by individuals specifically responsible under the Code privacy. Lessee can obtain at any time information in art. 7 of the Privacy Code and exercise your rights by sending a registered letter to: Leonardo Guerra bikeme Via Quarenghi 9, Bergamo. In relation to the processing of personal data the customer freely expresses its consent to the treatment.