I’ve never driven an e-bike. Is it difficult?
Driving an e-bike is easy, just like riding a traditional bicycle. The normal movement of cycling is simply aided by an electric motor.

Is there an age limit for driving an e-bike?

Yes. To ride an e-bike you must be at least 16 years.

Which is the autonomy of an e-bike?
Our e-bike battery has a range between 60 and 100 Km.

Helmet, lock …?
The lock is always included in the reservation, the helmet (not mandatory in Italy for the e-bike guide) has a small fee which is automatically calculated based on the rental days.


How many days can I rent an e-bike?
You can rent an e-bike for up to 15 days. The minimum time for hire is half a day.
Select the date of withdrawal and delivery and the price will be calculated instantly.
For bookings of more than 15 days contact us directly.

Can I book more e-bike?
Of course, you can book online all the e-bikes you need by adding them to your cart.
You can select multiple e-bikes of the same model, or several models.

Cancellation charges?
You can delete your reservation up to 48 hours after you’ve done it. After 48 hours from the reservation, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Payment methods?
We currently accept payment by paypal and credit cards. If you haven’t this chance, call us or visit the shop.

What about the delivery?
The delivery of e-bike hire takes place in the store. Before turning over the bike you will need to sign the contract, you will be asked for a deposit.